How Mobile Truck Mechanics Keep Your Fleet Running


As a truck or fleet owner, you will know that your wheels are not turning, they are not earning. If suddenly your truck breaks down mid-road and you are stuck, there will be a delay in delivering services. Towing a big rig would be an additional expense. Tow truck prices depend on many different factors. Still, you can usually expect to spend a minimum of $110 to $300 as a base price. An easy way out of this situation is to call a mobile truck mechanic from the best Mobile Truck Repairs in Melbourne or your city.

It is a convenient and quick service at your call. Mobile Truck Repairs of Melbourne fix fleets at locations like the side of the road, on farms and at various businesses where trucks and equipment need repairs. They also travel to clients to perform routine maintenance. Limiting the amount of delay in work and making your fleet back up and running. No more tow truck expenses or an overdue delay in services. 

How does it function?

The whole process is simple, smooth and custom-made as per the requirements.

Step 1: You call up a mobile truck repair service and book an appointment.

Step 2: An experienced mechanic gives you a call before the team leaves for your place, asking for all the vehicle details and issues the driver is facing, to have a brief idea of the problem. When technicians set and pack their vehicle, they call to discuss preferences in the brand of equipment, for example, tires to keep things handy in case of any need. Any recommendation for mechanic choice will also be entertained as per past experiences so that they can offer the best solutions that work for your business.

Step 3: The team reaches your asked venue well equipped and gets to work.

Step 4: Once the problem is resolved, after a thorough maintenance check, you can get back to your job at the earliest.

Mobile Truck Repairs Services also have dedicated care account representatives. They take care of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance from start to finish so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Some Benefits Of Using Mobile Services For The Fleet  

Save Money & No Delay in Services

One of the most obvious benefits of mobile maintenance is skipping the trip to the shop and layovers. A broken truck in a garage still has insurance payments. The services of the driver are at standstill and so is the income. The customer is also likely to be unhappy due to the long delay due to the breakdown. Mobile truck repair mechanics respond quickly as they understand this and work hastily to get you back in regular service commitments. Vehicles are back on the road faster, saving time and money.

Qualified Technicians

Mobile Truck Repairs Melbourne has factory-trained technicians with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. They offer quality services as they are trained for all makes and models. The technicians bring all the necessary tools and equipment and adhere to all safety guidelines and best practices when performing work at the required location.

Fuel Delivery Services

Drivers should always keep a check for fuel consumption and refill well in time, but at times one comes across the situation when a truck runs out of fuel. Mobile truck repairs of Melbourne also provide services like providing fuel right when you require it most when running out would cause a breakdown or limit productivity. This solution is seamless and does not interfere with your business operations or prevent you from staying mobile.

Provides Services Off-Hours

Mobile truck repair services are available 24*7, and you can book an appointment online/via call as per need. For example, a school bus driver or a regular service provider lorry cannot visit a service station during working hours. They look for off-hour repairs and maintenance so that they can work smoothly. With mobile repair services, one can schedule when the technician should visit. They also share how long the job is expected to take and how much it will cost. 

Does Mobile Maintenance Cost More Than Traditional Options?

Mobile maintenance will probably cost more than traditional options when looked at face value. But if you look at the bigger picture, including downtime, customer satisfaction, driver satisfaction, safety and convenience, it pays off. We should look at the cost holistically. Breakdown puts a break on work and income while also causing inconveniences and expenses. When delays are prolonged, customers are disappointed and the company’s reputation is affected adversely. Mobile truck repairs of Melbourne help in a timely uninterrupted flow of service, happy customers and generating revenue by conveniently working on “off hours”.

Opt For Mobile Truck Repair Services & Feel The Convenience

Mobile maintenance offers fleets benefits in three key categories: costs, safety and convenience. Mobile Truck Repairs in Melbourne provide fleet services to maximize revenue, decrease costs, increase vehicle uptime and reduce risks by preventive maintenance during the ‘off-time’ of fleets at the fleet manager’s desired location throughout the year. Mobile Truck Repair Services are just a call away. Connect without further delay.

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