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Top 6 Luxurious Kitchen Trends and Styles for 2022

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Whether brewing a cup of coffee to soothe your mind or cooking a delectable meal with your loved one, the kitchen always provides the best space for your needs. It is the heart of your home and also the most neglected one. Don’t you think it deserves the best Custom Kitchen Renovations in Sydney to enhance its functionality and beauty? How about doing the same but in style? If you’re confused about where to begin, we are here to help you with the top luxurious trends in kitchen designs so you can choose the most suitable one for your home.

The Curated Kitchen

A curated kitchen is when regardless of the space, you utilise every nook and corner to reflect a refined and modern look. The prime motto of such curated kitchen designs is to deliver premium functionality and efficiency in a clutter-free kitchen. 

The Sydney kitchen renovations focus on using every inch of your area, regardless of its shape, with a well-planned layout. For the designers doing custom kitchen renovations in Sydney, a high-level multifunctional kitchen is a product of premium luxury at par with current kitchen trends.

Colour Pop

A white kitchen is never out of style. However, now the designers have started experimenting with bold looks for the kitchen. Jet black, burnt orange, charcoal grey, midnight green and fire engine red are the colours making their mark in the modern kitchen. Using these colours makes the kitchen lively and luxe. Also, it’s an inexpensive way to spice up your kitchen interiors.

The designers doing the best custom kitchen renovations in Sydney are experimenting with contrasting colours rather than using the same colour palette. The backsplashes often appear in contrasting colours, providing sophistication and an added degree of fanciness to the kitchen.

Smart Storage

Experimentation with kitchen cabinetry has been prevalent for a long time. The Sydney kitchen renovations also witness handleless designs wherein the handles are absent, and a slight push shall bounce the cabinet door open. 

The handleless cabinets give a lavish look to the kitchen, making it the epitome of convenience and multitasking. Apart from being a sophisticated addition to your kitchen, handleless cabinets are also robust and last for a lifetime due to the use of premium quality materials.

Double Island Kitchen

Until now, we spoke of affordable yet premium luxury trends for the kitchen; here is another trend that provides ultimate transformation to your kitchen but is on the pricier side. The double island kitchen may not be the latest addition to the custom kitchen renovations in Sydney, but after years they have made a comeback. 

Opting for a double island can add functionality and help keep the space clutter-free if you have a large kitchen. These could elevate the sophistication of your open-plan, vast kitchen.

Concealed Appliances

From the beginning, we are talking about the latest clutter-free, luxury kitchen trends, so how can we leave the appliances out in the open to become an eyesore. Hiding kitchen appliances smartly to enhance the sophistication and functionality of your kitchen is another premium trend followed during the custom kitchen renovations in Sydney.

Bi-fold, tri-fold cabinet doors with lights can be the best spot to safeguard your appliances, especially the ones you don’t use frequently. You can amp the luxury quotient of your kitchen by transforming the cabinets into hidden tea and coffee bars with appliances and mugs safely tucked inside.

Pendant Lighting

Since we are glancing at the luxury trends for a kitchen makeover, how can we forget to transform the lighting? The old and plain lighting sources are a big no-no for your trendy kitchen. So what’s going to work here?

According to designers giving trendy custom kitchen renovations in Sydney, pendant lighting can transform your kitchen into a luxe space. Multiple pendant lights in your kitchen will brighten the space and add elegance. You can experiment with the number of lights to adjust the drama and enjoy your ultra-modern kitchen.

Wrapping Up

Your kitchen is where you make homemade memories seasoned with love. Enhance those memories with a luxurious makeover and give your kitchen a trendy look while increasing its functionality. With custom kitchen renovations, you can amp the room and make it the best hanging spot for friends and family to cook and eat together.

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